3 Types Of Web Hosting You Need To Know Before Starting A Website


For business owners who are starting to think about making a website, the technical jargon related to web hosting can be harrowing. On top of that, choosing a web hosting service that fits perfectly with the business needs can get convoluted. There are just too many web companies each offering hundreds of different types of plans. Here the limelight would be on three different types of hosting plans. Go on to https://wordlessweb.com/cheap-cloud-hosting-providers/, if you wish to read the review on various host service companies.
It is common for beginners to get discouraged when reading about web hosting plans and all the companies that provide the service.

The good news is that a little bit of patience and knowledge can clear away almost all doubts in a jiffy. The first thing to remember is that not all web hosts will suit all business types. Free and inexpensive plans might be best for fledgling online business while for big companies a dedicated server service would be best.

As the business grows, it needs to develop, which means web hosting requirements become complex. Take for example a website that sees a sudden spurt in traffic. If this site is hosted on a shared server, then it can become sluggish. So, here are the three types of hosting services that one can choose from depending upon at what phase the online business is right now.

Shared Hosting
When some websites share the same server, it is called shared web hosting. This type of host is advised for new businesses that cannot spend a lot of amount in maintenance fees. The shared cost ensures that one company has to pay a minimal cost. The price can range from as low as less than five dollars to just up to $10. This hosting service is not recommended for large businesses or sites that face a lot of traffic. The reason is that one super server hosts hundreds and hundreds of websites. If there is a surge in the popularity of one site, it can affect the performance of all the other sites.

Reseller Hosting
This type of hosting is one step above shared hosting. It is similar to shared web hosts services with extra tools added on. This allows the company to have more technical control over the website. For example, suitable billing software that provides for invoicing clients. The fees of a reseller hosting pack may range from fifteen dollars to almost fifty dollars. This cost depends upon the number of features and resources a company wants.

Cloud-Based Hosting
This is one of the newer technologies when it comes to web hosting. In this hosting, small individual servers work in tandem to appear like a super server. In cloud-based web hosting, if the requirement grows then hosting service provider can just add more hardware to create a more massive cloud. This ensures that if there is a surge in traffic in one of the websites, the others do not suffer due to it.

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