What An Online Store Owner Needs To Know About Magento?

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We live in the era of E-Commerce which has revolutionized the commercial world around us. Online marketers are growing every day in every way by using several platforms to sell their products and services to the customers. The term ‘Magento’ has become synonymous in the present e-commerce in the web word. Being an open source h ecommerce platform the popular Magento is presently owned by eBay and is showing its presence in two ways namely, Magento community edition and Magento enterprise edition. Online marketers of any kind can now avail the Magento enterprise support and can read more details about this platform in the website techradar.com.

Twin edition

The Magento community edition as said earlier has been offered as a free edition and allows anyone to build an online store with the help of plug-ins from other developers. Certainly, it is not like the popular WordPress but found to be more powerful and consistently developed by a large community. On the other hand, the Magento enterprise edition is a subscription based and purely designed and developed for larger online operators who need a highly effective and efficient e-commerce management system.

Similar to the most popular CMS options available in the Magento Version 2 allows its users to select an array of customized themes that have the ability to offer the required functionality and visual results as required by the clients all over the world. In an actual sense, this seems to be the power of Magento ecommerce platform which has gained a high reputation in the recent years.

Benefits offered by Magento

Undoubtedly, Magento offers innumerable benefits and all of them cannot be described in this short article.
It comes free: As said earlier Magento offers a free edition, which has been viewed as an obvious one in the eyes of small scale online marketers as well as the new business entrepreneurs. With this free edition, a user need not depend on any network professionals to keep their things updated. Also, there is no cost involved for updates or any latest plug-ins or applications. On the other hand, people who need the Magento enterprise edition, have to pay a nominal price for an annual subscription.

Uses the concept of WYSIWYG: Thanks to the Magento administrators, the users are allowed to edit their web pages in the popular WYSIWYG format- which simply means ‘What You See is What You Get’.

People especially the online store owners like this option as they have the opportunity to publish interesting contents as they like without the hassle of any codes. With this feature, an online store owner needs not to hire highly skilled staffs for contributing the content management by which the owner can save a good amount of money.

Unmatched power: The Magento e-commerce platform may not have achieved greatness without its own power and sheer quality in delivering the best in the business.Otherwise, global giants like Samsung, Nike and many more would not have used this wonderful e-commerce platform in their online businesses.

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